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If you like bass fishing, you are going to love Mexico. Mild climates and abundant forage translate to perfect habitats for trophy bass. In these lakes bass can grow up to two pounds a year and ten pounders are always a possibility. Mexico bass fishing is not just a fishing trip, it's a completely unique experience which many of our clients choose to relive over and over again. At these bass lakes you're just one cast away from that ten pound plus trophy bass! At the end of the day cool margaritas are sipped as you reflect on the days catch and plan your strategy for tomorrow. For bass anglers it doesn't get any better than this. Contact Worldwide Bass Fishing to experience these trips for yourself. The fishing season is underway in Mexico so call us today to reserve your trip. Our Mexico Bass fishing lodges include Lake Baccarac Lodge >, Lake Huites Lodge >, Anglers Inn El Salto >, El Salto Lodge >, Agua Milpa Lodge >, Anglers Inn Lake Mateos > and Lago Vista Lodge >

Lake Baccarac

Lake Baccarac Lodge was built for one reason – to give anglers another opportunity while bass fishing in Mexico to stay in elegant accommodations while enjoying the world’s best bass fishing. Whether there are two of you, twenty of you, we await your arrival so that we may give you the best bass fishing experience you have ever had. Lake Baccarac has come full circle and is once again a true trophy paradise. Multiple catches of 10 pound bass are at Lake Baccarac Lodge >

Lake El Salto

The bass fishing at Lake El Salto is still good with many opportunities to catch good numbers of quality bass and of course the Lake El Salto trophy bass over 10 pounds. Located 50 miles north of Mazatlan, Lake El Salto is full of trophy size bass.  When Lake El Salto was first opened for public fishing its first bass anglers found a trophy bonanza, with 85% of everyone who fished the lake hooking the biggest bass of their lifetime. The aggressive Florida strain bass of El Salto will strike a variety of lures all year with topwaters, crankbaits and plastics being very effective. Anglers Inn El Salto > 

Lake Agua Milpa

The lake is located in the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range near the town of Tepic. Once inaccessible to outsiders, this rugged section of the Sierra Madre is now host to bass anglers from around the world! At 2,400 foot elevation, this 80 mile long reservoir is full of aggressive bass, many of which are in the 7 lb. range and some exceeding 11 lbs! For sheer numbers of quality bass Agua Milpa can't be beat. Agua Milpa Lodge >

Lake Huites

Located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, Lake Huites is a great producer of quality largemouth bass. Hidden among the mountainous landscape of western Mexico, Lake Huites was initially stocked with Florida-strain largemouth bass. Because of a plentiful food source and a long growing season, the bass are growing at a rate far exceeding their growth rate in the states. The fish are aggressive and will take an assortment of lures. Catches in excess of 100 bass in a day of fishing have been recorded at this lake. Lake Huites Lodge >

Lake Guerrero

The legendary Lake Guerrero is known worldwide for the number of record-class large mouth bass consistently caught here. The incredible scenery and thousands of acres of flooded timber is heaven on earth for any angler.  A voluntary catch and release program now observed by most fishermen has made this great lake even better. Lago Vista Lodge >

Lake Mateos

The lake’s bass fishing population has come back strong and fast. It’s not uncommon now for anglers to have 100 fish days at Mateos and some of those Florida strain largemouth may top 10-pounds or more. Anglers who have fished El Salto will find major differences when they get to Lake Mateos. For starters, you won’t find the partially submerged trees that El Salto has in such abundance. What you will find is a lot of brush and trees along the shoreline edges. The open areas between these brush clumps provide wondrous fishing opportunities for anglers using everything from top water baits to plastic worms. Anglers Inn Lake Mateos >





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