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Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil

Peacock Bass Fishing


We desire to offer you an Amazon fishing adventure that will define the true jungle fishing experience. We will enjoy the experience of extremely comfortable, remote safari-style camps located in the headwaters of two rivers that cannot be accessed by any other outfitters. You will be fishing the scenic and fertile fishing waters of either the Rio Alegria (a remote headwaters tributary of the Cuini), or another productive river headwater system. These highly mobile, air-conditioned comfortable safari barges will offer you a genuine jungle feel, as you will enjoy tranquil nights nestled within the rainforest.

Rio Alegria River

Each day, you will explore the pristine Rio Alegria and its numerous hidden lagoons, oxbow lakes and other plentiful fish-holding structures with your experienced guide. The Rio Alegria Headwaters Safari Camp is located 280 miles northwest of Manaus. Our headwaters camp was designed to provide first-class accommodation and privacy for those preferring more adventurous settings and closer contact with the Amazon rain forest. The locations we will take you to will offer the rare opportunity to fish pristine waters for trophy class peacock bass, far removed from the often crowded waters of the Rio Negro. This mobile, air-conditioned camp, one only accessible by float plane, will soon set the “gold standard” and define the true meaning of Amazon fishing adventure.

Fishing in the Brazilian Amazon

Suddenly, a peacock bass assaults your lure with such ferocity that it literally rips the stout casting rod from your grasp. Despite 80 lb braided line and a drag that's been ratcheted up to its limits, the fish has enough power to strip 20 yards of line from your reel. Momentarily, your line goes slack and you pray that the unthinkable didn’t occur - the sharpened hooks somehow failed to hold the enraged fish. However, your despair quickly turns to jubilation, as, with lure firmly affixed to his cavernous mouth, some 20-pounds of emerald green and Sunkist orange fury leaps three-feet out of the water and performs aerial gyrations that would rival the most acrobatic tarpon. A peacock bass fishing adventure to Brazil’s vast and untamed Amazon basin is truly one of the most memorable angling experiences found anywhere on the planet. For many, this will be the closest opportunity you’ll ever have to encounter the unique sights, sounds and smells of the world’s largest rain forest.

Amazon Headwaters Safari

The keen eyes of your Amazon fishing guide somehow identify a school of erratically swimming, iridescent-colored baitfish on a submerged sandbar some 25 yards away. This is a telltale sign to the savvy guide of 10 years that a peacock bass on the hunt or, perhaps, a school of them might have panicked the frantic baitfish. You quickly launch a long cast with your seven-inch surface propeller plug, thumbing the spool to create a soft landing in the tannin-stained water between two finger points of the bar. Your aggressive retrieve causes so much audible and visible commotion that a flock of parrots takes flight from their roost on a nearby tree.


2011 / 2012 Season Package Pricing

$4300 per person which includes:

  • Greeting at airport and ground transportation
  • 6+ days of guided fishing
  • Accommodations at camp
  • All meals, soft drinks, bottled water and beer
  • Daily Laundry and maid Service
  • The use of rods, reels, line and lures
  • Round-trip float plane charter flight to camp
  • Guided fishing (two anglers per boat)
  • One night hotel in Manaus (if necessary)

Not Included:

  • Fees associated with obtaining your passport or visa
  • Fees associated with pre-trip medical planning and medications
  • Domestic air or ground travel from your home city to Atlanta or Miami
  • International airfare to Manaus, Brazil
  • Gratuities to staff personnel
  • Personal Expenses in Manaus, i.e. shopping, meals, and city tours
  • Overweight luggage charges from the airlines or charter flights
  • Fly fishing gear
  • Airport departure taxes (if applicable)
  • Hotel stays (if necessary) in Atlanta or Miami


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