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While we call our prime season November thru May, sailfish are caught year round in Guatemala. Since we've been in business, not one of our clients has failed to release a sailfish! We have an amazing fishery. We protect it by practicing catch and release and using circle hooks. Guatemala has gained an international reputation as having one of the highest year-round concentrations of billfish, in particular Pacific sailfish. Guatemala’s Pacific Coast forms an enormous, natural eddy, rich in bait and pelagic fish. Billfish and many other sportfishing species are found in great numbers. The coast here in Guatemala forms a giant bay. Strong currents coming west to east from the Mexican coast turn back after hitting the coast of El Salvador and create an enormous, natural occurring eddy, rich in bait and pelagic fish where billfish and many other sport fishing species are found in great numbers. With a year round daily catch and release rate averaging 15-20 sailfish, your trip will become a lifetime remembering experience.

In addition to the always abundant sailfish population, you will also have the opportunity to hook dorado, tuna, blue, black and striped marlin. Inshore fishing offers roosterfish and jack crevalle. Fishing pressure? What fishing pressure? The sport fishing fleet here is small and it's a rarity to see another boat while fishing offshore. You usually have Guatemala's calm ocean to your self... Scientists who have studied the large numbers of sailfish off the coast of Guatemala have concluded this might be the largest breeding ground for Pacific Sailfish in the world.

Sailfish Bay Lodge

Sailfish Bay is owned and operated by experienced anglers. The owners ARE involved in the operation from start to finish. We provide the detail and knowledge for a successful fishing trip every step of the way. Sailfish Bay offers incredible Guatemala Sailfishing at its deluxe beachfront lodge overlooking the Pacific ocean. We are located on a barrier island between the Chiquimulia canal and the Pacific ocean. Our property is close to colonial Spain's first Central America seaport, now named Puerto Iztapa. Our 2 two-story bungalows each have four rooms - two on the top floor and two on the bottom floor.  

The spacious rooms are designed with a contemporary theme and feature private bath and shower. The restaurant is set at the bottom of our property overlooking the bay. As many accolades as we receive on our fishing, we receive an equal number on our food and service. You will enjoy breakfasts consisting of fresh fruit, cereal, pancakes and eggs cooked to order, fresh roasted Guatemalan coffee and freshly squeezed orange or pineapple juice. In the evening, your chef will prepare fresh fish on the grill, jumbo shrimp, lobster and delicious. We also offer chicken and beef dishes as well. The open bar features several local beers, national liquors and wine. With 24-hour security personnel you are able to relax at the end of the day in a secluded, safe and comfortable environment. Sailfish Bay Lodge

Sportfishing Species in Guatemala

Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado (Dolphin), and Yellow Fin Tuna are the most common species in the area. But make no mistake about it, this is the best sailfishing spot in the world. On average, you can experience 15 to 20 bites a day and during the peak season of October through June, 40 or more bites is not uncommon. The top boats release over 2,000 sailfish a year. On March 11, 2006, Captain Ron Hamlin set the daily release record with an unbelievable 124 sailfish. These Pacific Sailfish average 80 to 90 pounds, but fish over 100 pounds are common.

Marlin fishing in recent times has been exceptional and is clearly some of the best in the world. Blues, stripes and blacks are all caught in our waters, with blue marlin in the 400 to 700 pound range being the most common. In 2007 it has not been uncommon for the best captains to release 4 or more marlin in a day. Marlin can be caught year round in Guatemala but the largest concentrations seem to occur in late spring through early fall.


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