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Wollaston Lake Northern Pike


Wollaston Lake

In the remote reaches of Canada’s serene northern wilderness lies one of the best freshwater fisheries in the entire world – the incomparable Wollaston Lake. More than 100 miles long and 400 feet deep, Wollaston and its surrounding lakes attract seasoned anglers with vast populations of trophy fish of four distinct species: northern pike, lake trout, arctic grayling and walleye. The Grand Slam of freshwater fishing. The waters of Wollaston Lake Lodge lure anglers from far and wide for the ultimate Grand Slam of freshwater fishing: Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye and Arctic Grayling. These world-class fish are found in only a handful of Saskatchewan’s 98,000 lakes.

Fly Fishing

Few things stir the blood of a born angler like a powerful northern pike in hot pursuit of a fly. Or an arctic grayling battling you and your 5-weight rod in fast moving water. In the spring or fall, you can match wits with lake trout that are numerous and ravenous. Our guides (taught by Larry Dahlberg and Barry Reynolds), are experienced at guiding fly fishermen, and our boats have huge casting decks with plenty of room to maneuver. A number of daily fly-out options are available to maximize your angling pleasure on Wollaston Lake. The fly-outs take you to remote destinations, each focusing on a unique fishery. Some are known for Northern Pike, others for Walleye, Grayling, Lake Trout or a combination. There’s a seat waiting for you on one of our two 9-passenger de Havilland Turbo Otter float planes, each carrying up to six guests. When you touch down, you’ll find our own boats standing by.  Wollaston Lake Lodge »

Hatchet Lake

Northern Pike are the single most sought-after fish in our system of lakes, and we have some dandies awaiting your arrival. While pike in the 6-15 pound range are the norm, there were dozens of trophy fish in the 20-30 pound class as well. Our catch and release policy protects our large fish, and maintains a healthy, productive fishery from year to year. Whether you're holding a fly rod, spinning rod, or bait casting outfit, you'll experience fishing action the likes of which you've only read about in magazines or seen on television. We've hosted dozens of outdoor writers and TV personalities in the past few years and they all agree, Hatchet Lake Lodge provides heart-stopping northern pike action! (Lodge Record Northern Pike is 35 lbs!)

Lake Trout are the signature fish of the North Country. Hatchet Lake itself is a tremendous laker fishery, with some huge fish being caught every season. Lake trout cruise the shallows right after ice-out in June. They drop deep during the summer months and return to shallow reefs and rocky points in September to spawn. During July and August, vertical jigging the lakers from deep, cold-water holes is great fun. When the bite is on, you can land dozens of fish in just a few hours. Our current lake trout record is 44 pounds, with fish in the 4-10 pound range being routine.

We are geographically located on the far northern limits of the walleyes. However, we have five or six very good walleye lakes which regularly produce walleye from 3-6 pounds, with an 8-10 pounder being reported every once in a while. With pike and lake trout receiving most of the attention from anglers, the walleyes don't see much action up here. Consequently, those who take a break from the big, toothy critters to seek out the walleye usually come back all smiles. Our best walleye action can be found on several fly-out lakes in July and August. Check the map for Le Drew, La Rocque, Kernagan, Thrift, Kosdaw and Waterfound Lakes. (Lodge Record walleye is 10 pounds!)

Each of our 18 lakes has it's own unique aquatic make-up (depth, water temperature, clarity, bottom composition, type of fish, etc.) and a beauty of its own. As weather patterns pass through the north country, fish in each lake may react differently to cold fronts or warm fronts, with fishing results varying greatly between lakes. We get daily reports from returning anglers and can put you in the action when things begin to get exciting on a particular lake! In most cases, there are only 2-3 boats (4-6 people) on the entire lake for the day. Fly-outs are a good choice! Fly-out trips are arranged at the tackle counter in the main lodge. Let us know of your desire to fly-out and he will work you into the schedule either for the next morning or during one of your other fishing days. Flights must be booked before 9:00 pm. Schedules are dependent upon weather and load factors. Daily fishing reports are kept and we will have the most up-to-date fishing information on your fly-out destination.  Hatchet Lake Lodge »


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