Amazon Trophy Peacock Bass Fishing


Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil

Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil


The Río Negro has its headwaters in Venezuela, in the flat western lands of the Amazon State. It's tributaries are full of world record Peacock Bass. These waters and other systems are where we catch one of the hardest fighting freshwater gamefish in the world...the Peacock Bass. In its long road southward, this river defines part of the frontier between Venezuela and Colombia. From there on, it enters Brazil and little by little takes course to the East, toward the city of Manaus, where it joins the Amazon River in its long journey to the Atlantic Ocean. The dark color of its water is notorious, especially when it contrasts with the light brown color of the Orinoco or the Amazon rivers. Its dark color is due to the presence of tannins. These are complex organic compounds, manufactured by the plants of the region and used to repel or warn off herbivores.

Headwaters Safari Camp

Each day, you will explore the pristine Rio Alegria and its numerous hidden lagoons, oxbow lakes and other plentiful fish-holding structures with your experienced guide. The Rio Alegria Headwaters Safari Camp is located 280 miles northwest of Manaus. Our headwaters camp was designed to provide first-class accommodation and privacy for those preferring more adventurous settings and closer contact with the Amazon rain forest. The locations we will take you to will offer the rare opportunity to fish pristine waters for trophy class peacock bass, far removed from the often crowded waters of the Rio Negro. This mobile, air-conditioned camp, one only accessible by float plane, will soon set the “gold standard” and define the true meaning of Amazon fishing adventure.   Headwaters Safari Camp »

River Plate Anglers

River Plate Amazon Outfitters has been a pioneer in Peacock Bass fishing since 1992. Over the years, our company has continuously evolved in order to provide our guests with unprecedented levels of services, facilities, comfort and safety. Our experience and high-quality services have made us the top choice of the most prestigious independent U.S. agents for Peacock Bass fishing trips to the Amazon. One of the services that distinguish our Peacock Bass fishing programs from others are our truly unique and highly mobile, deluxe, air conditioned Fly-In Floating Cabins, which we introduced in 1996. Sport fishing yachts, commercial fishing boats and even survival fishing must stop where low water prevents passage. Yet beyond these barriers is where the great Peacock Bass fishing starts! With the Fly-In Floating Cabins, our anglers are able to access these Amazon pristine fisheries like never before!

Amazon Santana

The Amazon Santana offers the unmatched combination of the Amazon's finest luxury yachts, American-designed, custom-made bass boats, and the most knowledgeable Amazon Peacock Bass guides in Brazil for the most enjoyable Amazon Peacock Bass fishing trips possible. For your Brazil destination, travel aboard the Amazon Santana or Belle Amazon, the gold standard for Amazon luxury yachts! The Santana fleet serves as your base of operations for an unforgettable, week-long fishing adventure to Brazil's Amazon tributaries. Due to changing water levels, “MOBILITY” is the key to reaching these remote locations for Trophy Fish.  Amazon Santana »


No matter which one of our peacock bass trips you decide on you can be sure it will be a fishing trip of a lifetime! Travel to the Amazon and experience the hard fighting freshwater peacock bass.


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